Hi, friends and gardeners. We all love gardening, aren’t we ?. But, it is not that easy to find a good area with fertile soil. So today in this article, we are about to explain to you how to make compost with waste at home.

What is compost?

What is compost?

To be very simple, compost is organic matter that has been decomposed in a process called composting. By this process, we could produce a soil conditioner as we recycle various organic matters out of waste.

Methods of preparing compost at home

Making compost by collecting your kitchen waste is super easy. Most people are not aware of these methods, yet some do use them very often. The biggest problem with making compost using your own kitchen waste is that this waste could give out a bad smell. But we are trying to tell you how to prepare compost, that contrives a bad smell, using kitchen waste.

  • At first, you need a terracotta pot which is about 10 inches deep and has a diameter of about 12 inches.

(The size may vary according to your personal preference)

Don’t even think of using a plastic bottle for this as plastic buckets or cups will give bad smell and the composting process will even be improper when using plastic cups.

All these terracotta pots have a drainage hole at the bottom of them. We must make those holes bigger using a tool, so the things we put into the pot will not be soggy.



Layer no 1

First, we must put a layer of soil or previously made compost into the pot. This layer should be one inch thick.

Layer no 2

Next, we must put dried leaves over the soil layer. You could also use ripped pieces of newspapers instead of leaves for this process.

Layer no 3

For the third layer, you could use raw moist things such as kitchen waste or garden clippings.

  • For a good composting in a pot, you need to keep the height of dry and wet ingredients 2 -3 inches each.
  • Repeat these dry and wet layers on one another for about 4 times.

Layer no 4
If you have never done composting earlier, you need a packet of compost now. Take some compost out of the packet and put it over the other layers.

(This layer has to be 3 or 4 Cms thick)

  • After adding the compost layer, once again put wet and dry layers as we did earlier for about 4 times. You can keep repeating this until the terracotta pot gets filled up to its brim.

  • You can keep the pot in a place with shelter. It is better if you can cover it with a terracotta lid. Whenever you need to add another layer open the lid put the material and close the lid.

  • The final layer should be raw material like some green grass. Then top it with a thick layer of compost. This is the final step of adding layers and making this compost.

However, finally cover the pot with something and add some water to it now and then. Your compost fertilizer will be ready in a month.


Things you must not add

1. Cooked items.

2. Non – vegetarian items.

3. Pets’ excreta.

4. Snails or slugs.

5. Sugar.

6. Any bakery product.

Okay, guys…hope you enjoyed the article. You can make your own pot of compost now. Don’t forget to make a comment on our article in the comment section below.