What about your kitchen sink ?. Is it clogged?. Do you want to know how to clean your kitchen sinks and drains?. Well, is nothing to worry at all. We have homemade drain cleaner methods, how to unclog blocked sinks and drains.

Things that are required

What you need here is very easy to find and these are natural things which don’t harm your skin.

Very important

How would you feel,  if you get a junky smell from your sink,  yet there is no sign of a problem in the water flow ?.

If you get this junky smell, that could be due to gunk that has accumulated in it. Before things get worse, get it repaired.

We are introducing you to a special cleaning programme that you could conduct daily to keep your home clean


If you tried to break the clog using a commercial product, yet it didn’t work, get the support of a plumber. You must not mix anything to the backed up liquid as it may affect badly to the chemicals in your cleaner.

We highly recommend you to wear goggles or any other eyeglass, as most of the commercial products include harmful chemicals. Cover your eyes from the debris that could flashback at you.



Baking soda 

  Drain off the backup liquid.  Throw 1 cup of baking soda into the drain, then pour into a large bowl or oven of boiling water.  If it is completely empty, pour in another kettle to give it a hot crust and let the tap cool for a few minutes.


  One tried-and-true method, and one of the ways my father taught me: empty the basin as much as you can.  Throw in 1 cup of baking soda, then pour a cup of homemade vinegar, plug it in with a stop and let it sit for half an hour.  After about 30 minutes, pour over a pot full of boiling water.  (See this page from thegoodhuman.com for more information).

  This is the way I grew up with it and it still works despite the liquid back up (although it works fast without accumulated fluid).  Double the bicarbonate and vinegar, and give it an hour, and when things are completely empty, put them in two or three bottles of freshwater  Using a plumbing machine 

Use a small plumber to force things out.  To make the vacuum seal for the plumber and to do this work you need a few inches of liquid in the basin.  You can buy a plumbing machine that is about 1/3 the size of the toilet.  These are just a couple of things and require very little space and are great to have on hand if you have trouble.  If you can’t find a smaller one, you can use a full size one.

 Reservation & Reservation

Remove the trap or cleaning plug under the sink to try to remove the clog.  Use a plumber’s snake or wire coat.  You will need a bucket in your hand to hold the fixed eyes as well as the spectacles.

Desperate situation and no fluids released

  If you treat with baking soda and vinegar, remove the stand, and leave the backup mess overnight, you will find that the liquid should be empty in the morning.  Vinegar and bicarb were to be made without any buildup.

Do the hot water first, and if things go empty quickly, you should be fine do a few more dumps to make sure.  However, if it slows down, you may want to make sure that the trap does not haanyany blockages.  If not, try some other treatments for flush throughout the day.  You can get away with not talking to the plumber.

Slow or slow

If you notice that the flow is slower than it is, but it is still clogged or not backed up, immediately use “flush” technology to prevent a complete blockage.  Be sure to finish off with a few more hot water dumps.

If you are dealing with a double kitchen basin, be sure to insert the stand on one side, and then work on the other side.

Easy Maintenance Flush Recipe

You must clean things out with hot water and bicarb. You could use this mixture to clean out garbage disposal areas. Let’s have a look at the recipe.

This compound is very effective against bad odour and grease residue.


1 part of baking soda

1 part of the salt

1/4 part of Tartar cream

Preparing  instructions

Take a bowl and put at least a 1/4 of the mixture you have made already. (half of an average cup). Now put it into the drain and pour a kettle of hot water on to that.

Let hot water clean the surface for about two minutes. After that, pour a kettle or a big bottle of cold water into the drain.

Doing this monthly would be very effective to keep your drain clean and clear. It will exterminate and will not give any opportunity for fat, grease or anything else to grow in the drain. 

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