Flies are actually very dirty and pesky.People follow different methods to get rid of house flies.

Flies are considered as one of the most dirty creatures that live on earth. They are a big burden to most of people. People all around the world, use various methods to get rid of these dirty creatures. Various sprays, creams and traps which fight against flies are available at the market.

But most of these products include chemical compounds that are slightly or extremely dangerous for human beings as well. So we are going to bring you some effective fly repellents that are natural, effective and not at all risky to our health.

History of these dirty creatures

The history of house flies runs back to thousands of years. They are believed to have been firstborn in Middle East countries in the Cenozoic era. 

Why we must get rid of flies

Why we must get rid of flies

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), flies are transmitting different diseases that affect our health very badly such as diarrhoeal diseases, eye infections as well as skin infections. Apart from that, the latest researches have proven that flies carry food-borne pathogens as well as toxic included in them. So these tiny creatures may be more dangerous than the deadliest animals we see in forests.

Summer is the season where we find the highest amount of flies. Many eople are latching their doors and closing windows to avoid flies from creeping into their houses. We use fly repellents available in the market to chase these pesky creatures away. But the chemical compounds in them harms the respiratory systems of them very badly. If you are also trying to get rid of these dirty buggers, pick one of the below listed natural methods and destroy these tiny creatures without taking a health risk.


Placing basil plants in the kitchen

Basil plants are very effective against flies. You can try this by placing two or three basil plants at two or three places in your kitchen. This will surely work like a dream.

Placing a bowl of cloves

Just like basil plants, cloves are also very effective against flies. All that you have to do is to place a bowl of cloves in the place where these creatures gather. They will vanish in no time.

Placing Mint, Lavender and Marigold

These can be planted in your backyard and kept in your home pots before they enter the front door of your property.

Place some Cinnamon

Use fresh cinnamon air as flies hate the smell.

Spraying Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lime Essential Oil

Spraying this oil all over the house not only smells beautiful but also prevents those troublesome flies.

Apple Cider Vinegar trap

Flies love the smell of apple and vinegar.  Make a homemade trap by mixing a little apple cider vinegar with natural liquid soap in a bowl.  The flies will be attracted to the smell but will be trapped by the surface tension created by the soap in the liquid solution.

How to Get Rid of Flies Quickly Inside and Outside!!

So you can use any of the above methods to chase away the flies that make you angry and unhealthy. Hope our article was important and you learnt something from it. Don’t forget to make a comment on our article in the comment section below