It was almost the dusk when the rain stopped. The environment looked so beautiful and fresh, although the sunset has begun. I felt a craving for a warm cup of coffee and stood up to go to the kitchen. It was just then I heard an unusual sound-more like a soft bark in front of my gate.

I went and opened the door eagerly. Surprisingly there was a little fluffy ‘dirty’ snowball drenched with rainwater and mud. It was so tiny about the size of a teacup, yet alive and it seemed hungry. So I took it inside my home and fed with a bowl of milk. The poor thing was so hungry. Now it became friendly after a few hours, and it was the time for a hot bath.

‘His owners might have gone somewhere due to quarantine issues,’ I said to myself. The little puppy ( Or is this a fully grown one? No idea) looked absolutely pretty after the bath.

That miracle happened precisely six months ago. After confirming‘ teddy’ had no owner ( I named him Teddy! )  now he is my companion, protector, and partner in crime! I thought of sharing this incredible story with you just because the facts about this kind are incredibly impressive and worth reading!

Who is a teacup Pomeranian?

After extensive research, I found that teddy belongs to the group of teacup Pomeranians.  I thought it’s a puppy at first and later learn it a fully grown adult dog! It just weighs about 4 lbs. Teddy is so active and energetic. Initially, I thought he is a silent guy with a frail bark, but now he is so loud.

Teacup Pomeranians are wonderfully lovable and loyal to their owners but sometimes want their own space. They do not like to be cuddled all the time. You must have an idea about when to stop touching it. It will give signals, ‘stop it now’! This is the reason why teacup Pomeranians are precisely not the best companions for kids. But that does not mean your kid can’t play with it. Please keep both of them under observation!

If you have limited space at your home, living in an apartment or flat teacup poms are the best fit for you. You can easily carry it around ina purse or even in your pocket. They are known by many other names such as ’teddy bear Pomeranian, pocket dog, and some times toy Pomeranian’ due to its tiny size. If you want, taking them to the cinema won’t be a big issue because they are not noticeable at all!. I was surprised to know that there are commercially prepared ‘purses’ to carry teacup poms! 

Is teacup Pomeranian a new breed?

No, not at all. You will be astonished to know even QueenVictoria of Great Britain had a teacup pomeranian called ‘Marco.’ As QueenVictoria was a famous monarch in the latter half of the 18thcentury, this breed, too, acquired the same popularity. Queen Victoria loved little Marco to death. She even installed kennels to breed Pomeranians. Other famous owners of teacup Pomeranians are loyalty Maria Antonitee, famous musician Mozart, Martin Luther, and also famous painter Michel Angelo. Don’t you think teacup Pomeranians are legendary?

The origin of these beauties runs back into two centuries ago. The birthplace of origin is the ‘Arctic region,’ which explains why they are blessed with a fluffy coat to protect themselves from freezing weather. However, the ancestors of teacup Pomeranians are quite large. They were about 40 lb weighted and were the main protectors of livestock farming. You may wonder what the meaning of the term ‘Pomeranian’ is. Pomerania is a region that is known as as‘Poland and Germany’ now, where Pomeranians were first bred as household dogs. Through decades breeding continued until today. The size of the teacup Pomeranians eventually became smaller and smaller. Now they have become beautiful show dogs!

How does teacup Pomeranian differ from each other?

They are classified mainly into three groups according to the shape of the head. In teddy bear type,  they look like teddybears as the name implies. In fox type, have a more pointed typeface. The third group is the most gorgeous ”babydoll’ teacup Pomeranians. They are so cute that you won’t be able to pass them without giving a hug!

There are many colors of teacup Pomeranians.  Black ones have actual black color around eyes, nose, lips, etc. The snowball type of white guys is adorable. There are some other mixed poms too. Some come in a gradient of orange to red. The type‘lavender’ is much more expensive owing t their grey and purple mixed coat. 

How to care for your teacup Pomeranian?

Through these six months, I gathered much valuable information from the internet, vet surgeons about health concerns of teacup Pomeranians. There are some horrific diseases that may even result in death. 

Laxing patella makes your puppy be in pain. There are some skin conditions, ear, eye infections, and gastrointestinal concerns you need to pay attention to.  About two months ago, I noted my teddy is trying to scratch his ears frequently. So I took him to a veterinary surgeon, and he identified it is an ear infection. So we took treatment and now he is outstanding.

Also, the bones of teacup Pomeranians are so fragile. They can fracture easily.

I noticed that my teddy likes to sleep alone in his comfort zone. Most of this type are like that. In the beginning, teddy was very arrogant with other dogs. But gradually, I trained it to become socialized. Now he gets well with other fellows.

Having a companion to share your life is fantastic. Teddy is such a wonderful dog with a great sense of intelligence and loyalty. It is so wonderful to discover new things about ‘teddy’ each and every day