Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Every couple has the dream of having a baby and leading a happy life as a family. So when a woman is conceived, both she and her husband do every possible thing to make sure that the baby is safe and growing well inside the womb of the woman. I am Alex, and my wife is Jennie. We are now parents for two beautiful girls and a healthy handsome young boy. I must say that they had no health issues so far from their birth. They were very beautiful and healthy from that very day they were delivered by my wife.

As I told you above, every new couple is concerned a lot about the growth and the health of the babies that they expect. So I thought of sharing the secret of having very healthy and beautiful babies, with you.

The appetite of every woman that carries a baby in her womb, increases very much due to pregnancy. So they consume anything that they like to eat and drink during this period.

But this is a period that you must be very careful in eating and drinking, as what you eat and drink has a direct effect on the baby that grows up in your womb.

So, when my wife was pregnant for the first time, I contacted a cousin of mine who works in a state hospital to get an idea about the foods and beverages that I must give my wife and the foods that I must never allow her to eat or drink until she delivers the baby.

nutrition facts that are required in pregnancy

nutrition facts that are required in pregnancy

Following list contains the nutritions that are mandatorily required for your baby during the pregnancy and 30 foods that are perfect and cover all those required nutrition facts. Having a good knowledge about these foods is extremely important as the baby in the womb of your wife gets the nutritions of the foods you consume to grow healthy.

First let’s have a look at the nutrition facts that are required in pregnancy

A pregnant mother needs many nutrition facts that give her the energy and help the proper growth of the fetus. However, Calcium, folate and protein are the most essential nutrient facts out of them.

Tasty foods that are very good for both pregnant women and their babies

So first let me tell you the great foods that are good for consuming during the period of pregnancy.

Foods we must consume during pregnancy

Foods we must consume during pregnancy


Broccoli is recommended by many doctors for a healthy pregnancy. This is due to folate and calcium broccoli includes.

Non fat milk

Every woman needs calcium when pregnant and a cup of non-fat milk discovery about 30 % of the calcium necessity during a day.


During the period of pregnancy, the hormones of every woman change and it causes fatigue. So having banans daily will keep you look young.

Lean meat

Lean meat is also perfect food for pregnant women as they have many nutritions including minerals, that are great for both the baby and the mother.

Coconut water

Coconut water includes all the five electrolytes and it develops the immune system. Coconut water also prevents UTI problems.


Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on earth. So eggs provide amino accedes both you and the baby needs.

Oat meal

Oatmeal is also good for pregnant mothers as it helps to control the cholesterol level of the body.


Spinach is a must added food to the food list of pregnant mothers as it contains a huge amount of folate and iron which are essential in pregnancy.


Quinoa includes protein and almost every amino acid that helps the growth of the fetus.

Orange or Orange juice.

Orange has many nutritions including Vitamin C, Folate and fibre. This is one of the most highly recommended foods during pregnancy.

Apart from the above foods, I also used to give my wife foods that are listed below, as per I was instructed by my cousin doctor.

Other foods that are great for pregnant women



Olive oil.



Sweet potato










Kiwi fruit

Chiya seeds


Whole wheat

Finger millet

Almond butter

Now I am going to tell you the foods that I didn’t allow my wife to eat as I was instructed by the doctor.

Foods you need avoid during pregnancy


Tamarind has a high amount of vitamin C which If you eat too much tamarind, it suppresses the progesterone hormone of the body and it lowers the level of progesterone. Low progesterone level is very risky to your baby, it causes miscarriage.


Papaya increases the temperature of the body and that is very bad for pregnant women.

Shell fish

Please don’t eat undercooked or raw fish at all. Especially shellfish. Eating these may cause several infections that may be viral, bacterial or parasitic.


Pregnant ladies must limit their caffeine intake to 200 mg per day. Do not have more than two cups of coffee a day.


Don’t eat raw sprouts, bacteria get into the sprout seeds before sprouts begin to grow.

Aloe – Vera

Aloe vera comprises of anthraquinone, which can lead to a possible miscarriage.

However, eating excessively is not good at all for pregnant mothers. I hope that your wife would be able to deliver a healthy and beautiful baby. The foods that we have in our list will be very important for that.